Analog Scooter Co.

For the love of the sport

Quality parts for affordable prices. Rider owned and operated. No corporate bullshit.


Every part made by us has to outlast other mainstream parts on the market. We make parts for the longrun, not just a couple of months.

Developed in Europe.

We develop our parts locally in Europe to ensure they are up to date with the latest standards and trends.

Tested by riders.

All our products get tested by our team riders to ensure we test every single possible riding style and its effects on our products. 

Rider Owned.

Our company was started and is being owned by riders. That means, that all the profits go towards making the sport bigger and supporting the local stores and communities.

Best parts possible. And affordable.

At Analog, we always think of the times were money was an issue and we couldn’t afford to ride the parts we wanted. Therefore, we always have a less expensive option for those, who want something reliable, yet affordable.

About us

All our products go through years of testing and development before being released to the public. We want to make sure we are delivering the best quality product while being still affordable and concious of what our products do to the nature around us. All our packaging is made for recycling. 

All of our riders are not just our riders, we are a family. They represent and live the Analog values while participating in research, development and testing. Our goal is to make it possible for these riders to make a living doing what they love : Shredding the streets on their scooters.

Analog has its own youtube channel, filled to the brim with videos featuring our riders riding our parts. Check it out!




Analog Scooter Co.
Czech Republic

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